You think your car key is built to last a lifetime until “snap!”—you are left staring at one end of a broken key while the other end is more than stuck in your car’s lock or ignition. Now what? You still have a day’s worth of errands to run all over Chicago! Do you throw your hands into the air and call it quits due to broken keys?

Certainly not! Broken keys actually happen all the time due to everyday wear and tear, which is why Cheap Keys Locksmith, LLC of Chicago has convenient 24-hour emergency key extraction services. Our certified Chicago key technicians will come to you, removing the key and even replacing the it on the spot. That’s right! We can make you a new key where you are, anywhere in the Chicago area.

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Chicago’s Cheap Keys Locksmith, LLC have been in the automotive key service industry for over 17 years, with more than three generations of key extraction experience and affordable rates. Our Chicago locksmiths are friendly, experienced, and certified to extract keys from any make or model of car.

You can call any day for 24-hour broken key or other emergency locksmith services, or for a scheduled appointment, you can contact our Chicago automotive locksmith service center staff during normal business hours. Our other car key services include the replacement of car keyless entry systems and transponder keys.